Chicago Early Growth Ventures

Chicago Early Growth Ventures invests in early-stage startup companies, with a particular focus on Chicago-based entities.

We will consider investments in almost any sector and demographic, typically at the seed-stage. While not a requirement, we give preference to companies that are based in Chicago, have lead investors with a Chicago presence, or were founded by students or alumni of Chicago-based universities (Northwestern, University of Chicago, Loyola, etc.) 

Though investment is our primary purpose, we also seek to build and develop relationships among our members, other investor organizations, and ambitious entrepreneurs. By providing ongoing deal access to our members, we also seek to develop the pool of early-stage angel investors within the Chicago ecosystem.

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Investment Thesis, Y Combinator Approach:   At the seed stage, make many smaller bets versus fewer larger bets

Investment Thesis, AngelList:   Rationale for multiple, smaller investments in seed-stage companies vs. fewer, larger investments